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Success Stories

A good example would be one of our claims-processing clients, who is awarded (by their principals) for early processing of claims. We have reduced their regular TAT from 24 hours to below 16 hours as we process these claims immediately upon receipt of the images and are carrying out all QC work in India which eliminates any delay in QC by the client. We are using a process developed in association with our clients that ensures all output is sent through two levels of validation programs that ensures the highest accuracy and avoids any delays due to QC or re-work.

Another of our success stories is one where we assisted our client in completing "online indexing" of more than 19 million records, a large portion of which was medical records.

The client had put forth a condition to set up a team of 300 employees in a month's time, over three shifts and to process the 19 million online documents thereafter (within a 4 month timeframe including set-up time of 1 month). This job initiation (set-up) was achieved in a very short 2-week time span which led to the client completing their target of 19 million records in a period of 3.5 months, ahead of the 4 months that they had targeted.

Close follow-up/coordination with the client for new instructions, good communication and continuous training were the major reasons for our success. This backed up by very skilled software and hardware teams is our strength.

Quality Achieved – 99.9% accuracy

Types of Forms – HCFA forms

TAT – 16 hours

Performance Guarantees – Validation programs developed ensure the highest quality.