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Data Capture Services

Nirvana specializes in data capture services from various types of documents and forms using superior technology and skill to achieve the highest possible accuracy. Our process broadly involves keying the data manually from images, followed by comparison processes for quality of forms and documents.

We have developed our own proprietary tools for processing huge volumes of images using skilled keying staff. Key-Key-Verify methods are utilized by us to provide 99.9% accuracy for nearly all projects.

All our applications are customized to suit client requirements and project complexities.


With over 12 years of experience in data processing, Nirvana offers high volume forms processing solutions.

We process both, structured and non-structured forms. Our standard methodology is to review the complete project, identify the potentially error-prone areas, and develop validations and error-control tools to eliminate errors as far as practicable.

Online processing for all types of forms has been carried out by Nirvana successfully in cases where image transfers are not possible.

One of our strengths has been in the area of handwritten information where our experienced staff has been trained to enhance the quality of the deliverables.

Typical Applications:

•  Mailing Solutions
•  Applications Forms
•  Invoicing
•  Medical Records
•  Order Forms / Requisitions
•  Claim Forms / Medical Claims Processing
•  Nurse Notes
•  Rebates & Coupons
•  School Registration
•  Sweepstakes
•  Credit Card Applications
•  Customer Records
•  Police Records
•  Surveys and Questionnaires
•  Online Indexing
•  Tax Forms