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Document Imaging & OCR Services

Nirvana offers imaging services at highly competitive rates to all our clients. Indexing systems can be created using our sophisticated scanners and applications.

Reasons to scan your valuable documents

•  Speed and Convenience of Retrieval
•  Space Saving
•  Safety of Documents
•  Security of Documents
•  Multiple Access of Documents
•  Lower Operating Costs
•  Improved Customer Service
•  Easy Distribution of Documents
•  Easy Reversion of Paper


We offer three types of OCR services.

OCR Level Price on simple text pages

OCR 1 - Auto OCR "as is" conversion. You get the results exactly as the OCR Engine produces them. There is no quality check on this service. Text only - no images, no editing.

OCR 2 - This is basically the same service as Auto OCR, an OCR technician runs a spell-checker in a word-processor after OCR to find most OCR errors automatically and provides a quality control to identify pages that require further service.

OCR 3 - This output is a full OCR service. Maintain text, formats, font style, and lay-out of the original image as best as possible, usually with at least 99% accuracy of the original.

Manual Retyping can also be provided for documents that are text only incase OCR does not provide accurate results.